special print products

Special Products

As well as the standard products described on other pages of our website, Hill Shorter can also create special products for clients who require what we like to call printing outside the box. This can refer to any specific kind of merchandising or personalised packaging or presentation boxes, such as those we’ve created for such prestigious clients as Pink Floyd, Manchester United, Coldplay or the Harry Potter brand.

Custom-printed, personalised boxes can be used as attractive retail packaging, irresistibly alluring marketing kits or luxurious gift boxes for any product. Promotional packaging of this sort is not only a vibrant and unique reflection of your equally unique business, but often it can also be used again and again, transforming a piece of storage into a precious, practical and collectible keepsake.


Our Team

At Hill Shorter, our team of experienced and highly skilled artisans understand the skill, care and attention required for the creation of a truly unique product and they infuse every striking and distinctive creation with precisely that energy.

We can even extend our creativity to non-printed materials, so whatever kind of promotional or celebratory products you have in mind, give us a call and we can figure out how we can help you. We pride ourselves on being able to bring your vision to life. Whatever that vision happens to be, the Hill Shorter team is able to bring together decorative and structural materials, as well as tried and tested forming and finishing methods and of course, skilled craftsmanship, to make your creative impulses a striking and memorable reality.

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