Digital Printing

Digital Printing

For quick, efficient and affordable printing, especially where relatively small print runs are concerned, digital printing is often the wisest and most practical choice. Indeed, since it came onto the market in the early ’90s, digital printing has been consistently gaining in popularity and it’s now said to account for around a fifth of all the world’s printing.

Unlike lithographical printing, which has for many decades been the most widely used printing process, initial set-up and production times for digital printing tend to be much shorter. This makes it the ideal choice for when you need something — more brochures, extra flyers, annual reports or whatever it might be — fast.


What we can offer

Digital printing from Hill Shorter is not quite the same thing as using your digital printer in the office or at home. Although they use comparable technology and technological processes, professional digital printing produces a noticeably higher level of quality and much more precise colour definitions, including perfect Pantone matches.

So, whether it’s for business cards, brochures, letterheads, posters, flyers, folders, notepads, newsletters, merchandise, prospectuses, annual reports, digital printing is easier, faster and generally cheaper than traditional printing methods.

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