Print design service

Design Services

For clients who might not know precisely how they want their printed products to look, Hill Shorter offer a full design service. We have an experienced team who are used to combining graphics, photography and typography to produce effectively designed materials that work across many platforms, creating an impact in whichever context they’re used.

After an initial design consultation, in which we’ll figure out who your target audience is, what your message is and the tone with which you wish to convey that message, we’ll produce as large a selection of alternative designs as is practical. If we haven’t quite got it right, we’ll work with you to tweak it until we have.


Your design requirements will depend on many different factors, including:

  • What kind of business you’re in and who you’re trying to reach
  • What the specific product is that you’re printing
  • What image you’re trying to convey. Are you fresh and innovative? Or more trustworthy and traditional?
  • How recognisable your brand already is — if it’s already very well-established, you might want to tone down the other design elements and let your name do most of the taking

At Hill Shorter, answering these questions is part of getting to know you and your business, and it’s an integral first step of the design process. Then we combine over a century of experience with fresh ideas and an innovative approach to make sure that we meet all your design needs.

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